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AFI Snap Survey Series 
Data presentation: The chat below emerged from analysis of data obtained from a Marriage Matters Seminar series conducted by Action Family Foundation in a peri-urban slum settlement of Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory in August 2016. The survey population composed of 64 couples, whose marriages ranged between 2-31 years. Twenty-eight (43.8%) of the male participants were randomly selected to complete a semi-structured questionnaire wherein 14 (21.9%) of them itemized the attributes they admired in their spouses, while another set enumerated the attributes they disliked in their wives. No personal-identifying information was solicited; responses were anonymous. Their educational levels varied from primary to university. They were essentially within the low-to-middle socio-economic clustered; few were retirees. 
Discussion: Husbands admired wives who were prayerful and God-fearing; who were humble and respected them as heads of the family. Wives who took good care of their husbands and the children received high responses. In fact, wives who exhibited these attributes won the admiration of over 58% of all the respondents. The remaining 42% were spread almost equally among such attributes as being a homely and supportive wife, dressing well and keeping the house tidy, and being hardworking. Being hospitable to members of a man’s family and courteous to visitors was also significant on the positive rankings.
On the other hand, a greater proportion of husbands strongly disliked the attitudes of wives who are hot-tempered, bear grudges and are disrespectful. Also, wives who lacked the fear of God (seldom go to church); who do not take advice from their spouses or who are considered lazy irked an equal number of husbands (10%).
Conclusion: Action Family Institute (AFI) is excited that this snap survey provides exploratory basis for further ethnographic and social research. The findings support the call for needed family formation and marriage repair services in an otherwise conservative culture (Nigeria) which is undergoing transformations imposed by urbanization, globalization and external cultural influences.

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