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Family Life Services

Family Life Education and Therapy
Family life is ordered for the individual and common good as it provides the optimal environment for personal growth and development on which the normal functioning of society hinges. “The future of Humanity depends on the Family”. This profound wisdom of one of the world’s recent legends, Pope John Paul II, provides a veritable motivation for AFF’s mission. Strengthening the basic cell of society ultimately ensures a better human community.




Youth Development for Self-Efficiency
Action Family Foundation works to empower young people through awareness creation and emotional intelligence with emphasis on character development and entrepreneurial creativity. AFF applies the directive pedagogic methodology to promote self-mastery, positive values and culturally adequate messages for youth as realistic strategy for preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, unplanned pregnancy, and their complications. We work to assist young people especially women with improved access to training on business development and linkages to expand market opportunities.


Crisis Pregnancy Management
AFF upholds the fundamental and inalienable right of all human beings to life. In promoting this “culture of life”, our organization is not unmindful of the fact that circumstances may render the conception, birth and rearing of a child tumultuous. Therefore, for teenagers with unwed pregnancies (unplanned or crisis pregnancy), AFF intervenes to provide psychological, financial and rehabilitative support.

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