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Health & Environment

Health Systems and Policy Research

Action Family Foundation promotes the generation of new knowledge and diffusion of same to solve the myriad of problems facing the health care delivery system in Africa. Accordingly, we partner with organizations of like disposition to advance research, training, capacity enhancement and alliances that strategically apply evidence-based interventions at the policy, programme and project design levels.



HIV and AIDS Prevention, Care and Support
The HIV/AIDS epidemic affects the core of society in various ways. The family suffers multiple dislocations because of the disease. Action Family Foundation is engaged in activities directed at its prevention and impact mitigation with family members and within communities. People are educated on basic HIV/AIDS topics, and encouraged to access counseling and testing services while advocating family and community care and support for persons living with the disease.


Maternal mortality reduction and Non-Communicable Diseases
Nigeria has one of the the worst maternal and child mortality and morbidity indices. The avoidable deaths, disabilities and diseases endured by families in rural and urban slum communities can be addressed through education, behavioural change communication and provision of accessible and affordable services. AFF intervenes in the following areas of Public Health: Emergency obstetrics care awareness and education; Cancer prevention education and awareness-raising including breast, cervical and prostate; Hypertension prevention and screening; Diabetes education and outreach screening; Lifestyle modification, andt others.


Environmental Care & Medical Waste Management
Action Family Foundation works to reclaim the human ecosystem groaning under various threats of degradation. Our organization advocates for wholesome environmental protection and sustainability. We promote health care safety and sanitary disposal of health care wastes

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